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绝地求生新枪皮肤:從北京到北京——中國首次環球飛行紀實(From Beijing to Beijing: A Documentary of China’s First Around the World Flight)

绝地求生女性角色服装 www.zjprt.icu   本書以圖文并茂的形式記錄中國環飛第一人張博實施環飛的整個過程。在整個飛行途中,他將所見所聽所想用真摯的語言、精彩的圖片向大眾傳播,將極限運動與文化傳遞相聯系,以勇氣和智慧書寫飛行的中國夢。這也是人類首次空中看古代絲綢之路,身為“絲綢之路”博覽會宣傳大使的張博通過這次飛行宣傳了我國“一帶一路”的偉大建設。

  The book records with abundant photos China‘s First Around the World Flight completed by Dr. Zhang Bo, a successful entrepreneur and honorable alumnus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It takes him 49 days to fly across 23 countries and regions through 44 transit points, covering a distance of over 40,000 kilometers, during which time he dealt with all sort of dangers and challenges and finished the flight ultimately. Dr. Zhang Bo is also the ambassador of the Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo. He flies while delivering the greatest massage of The Belt and Road Initiative along the journey.





  About the Author:

  Zhang Bo, a successful entrepreneur, a graduate from China Agricultural University. Worked at China State Science and Technology Commission before receiving his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2009, Dr. Zhang became the first Chinese to receive the Distinguished International Alumnus Award from the University of Illinois. In 2016, Dr. Zhang piloted a small plane to complete China’s first around-the-world flight.

   Yang Deling, senior reporter and Director of Gansu TV News Center, planned and executed the coverage of the whole journey.

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